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Wealth Management Services for Business Owners

Client Centered

At Alison Wealth Management, we recognize the unique financial challenges and opportunities that come with being a business owner.

Our offerings are tailored to empower you on your journey to business growth, financial security, and wealth creation.

We have designed our fractional CFO model to uniquely meet the needs of our business owner clients.

With our expertise, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with being in the hands of a team of fiduciaries who have your best interests in mind.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning for Business Expansion & Risk Management

Our approach to financial planning is all-encompassing, focusing not only on your business's success but also on your personal financial goals. Whether you're looking to expand your business, manage risk, or plan for succession, our seasoned experts provide strategic guidance to align your business and personal finances.

Entity Structure Expertise & Advanced Techniques

Selecting the right entity structure is crucial for tax efficiency and liability protection. We offer insights on S-Corps, C-Corps, LLCs, and advanced techniques such as Section 1202 Qualified Small Business Stock. Our goal is to maximize your business's potential while ensuring you receive informed advice that aligns with your objectives.

Guidance from a Business Owner's Perspective

Led by Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, an entrepreneur and founder of multiple companies, our team understands the intricate financial complexities of self-employment and running a business. From optimizing cash flow and managing debt to retirement planning and exit strategies, we provide guidance tailored to your unique circumstances. We address business growth, risk mitigation, and key person risks, offering expertise also in employee benefits and retirement plans.

Collaboration with Industry Experts

Collaboration with Industry Experts

We believe in a holistic approach to financial planning and leverage our proven processes and knowledge of the entrepreneurial space. That's also why we collaborate with a network of professionals including attorneys, tax advisors, and business consultants. This cooperation ensures we address issues effectively, provide specialized guidance, and offer a comprehensive perspective for making sound business and financial decisions.

Examples of Our Impact:

  • Enhanced Tax Efficiency & Retirement Planning: For a $40,000,000+ annual revenue gaming company owner, we optimized investments, achieved over $200,000 of annual tax savings through business entity selection, and established retirement plans. We also coordinated with a team of top lawyers, investment bankers, and financial analysts to prepare the business for sale.
  • Retirement Planning & Special Needs Strategy: We helped a geological company owner transition his business, strategically utilized asset proceeds to generate a reliable retirement income stream, developed special needs trust and funding plan, and enhanced insurance policies for more benefits.
  • Multi-Property Real Estate Guidance: Our team advised a high-net-worth real estate professional with 40+ rental properties, we optimized asset protection and entity structure, provided cash flow and tax planning — including Roth conversions, and guided self-directed IRA investments for private investments. We also helped coordinate estate planning needs for multi- generational planning.

Why Choose Us

Business ownership may not be simple, but we make financial planning for business owners simple and highlight opportunities for financial growth. Let Alison Wealth Management be your partner in unlocking your business's full potential. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step toward securing your success and building a lasting legacy.

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