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Wealth Management Services for High-Net-Worth Retirees

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At Alison Wealth Management, we provide holistic wealth management services designed specifically for high-net-worth retirees.

There are many financial complexities that come with stepping away from your day-to-day professional role, including investment risk management, maximizing retire income, minimizing lifetime tax liability, estate and legacy planning, charitable giving, and more.

With our expertise, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with being in the hands of a team of fiduciaries who have your best interests in mind.

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Retirement Planning Simplified

Your wealth often comes from multiple sources and serves even more purposes in your life, which means you need someone who can organize it all in a cohesive manner.

No matter if you’re looking for a retirement income distribution plan to shift your objectives from accumulation to distribution, or something more specific such as selling off real estate or a business, creating trusts, or enhancing life insurance policies, the support we offer helps you address your unique needs.

The Bucket Plan® Approach

The Bucket Plan® Approach

The Bucket Plan® is our proven retirement income planning strategy that aims to provide retirees with a clear and organized way to manage their assets during retirement.

This process breaks down retirement assets into three simple "buckets," each designed to address specific financial needs and time horizons. The main idea is to create a structured approach that offers both a reliable income stream and the potential for growth, while also addressing market volatility and unexpected expenses.

The basic concept of the Bucket Plan involves three main buckets:

  • Now Bucket: This bucket holds assets that will cover the retiree's short-term living expenses, typically for the first one to two years of retirement. The primary goal of this bucket is to provide immediate liquidity and stability, so you don't have to worry about market fluctuations affecting essential expenses.
  • Soon Bucket: The second bucket is designed to generate a reliable income stream to cover the retiree's expenses for the next five to 10 years. It might include more conservative investments, like bonds or dividend-paying stocks, aimed at producing regular income. The idea is to create a stable way to supplement the cash bucket and sustain your lifestyle without relying solely on the market's performance.

  • Later Bucket: The third bucket focuses on long-term growth and is intended to provide potential for capital appreciation, helping to replenish the other buckets over time. Typically consisting of investments like stocks or other higher-risk assets, this bucket is less concerned about short-term market fluctuations since its purpose is to support your needs in the distant future.

The plan is tailored to your unique risk tolerance, goals, and financial situation. It's important to note that while the Bucket Plan offers a systematic approach to retirement income planning, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team at Alison Wealth is comprised of Bucket Plan Certified® advisors who will implement this strategy effectively based on your individual circumstances.

Helping Retirees Spend More

We are uniquely skilled in designing a retirement income plan that helps maximize your current spendable income while minimizing risks such as unexpected medical expenses, economic downturns, market crashes, or other unforeseen emergencies. Far too often, retirees are overly cautious and fearful about spending their retirement assets, instead of enjoying their retirement years and using their accumulated savings to support their lifestyle.

We believe there are three distinct phases of retirement.

  • Go-Go Years: This is the initial phase of retirement, characterized by increased activity, travel, and exploration. Retirees tend to be more active, healthy, and willing to spend on new experiences.

  • Slow-Go Years: This phase is marked by a gradual reduction in physical activity and a shift towards more relaxed and local activities. Travel and spending might decrease.

  • No-Go Years: This is the phase where physical activity and mobility might be significantly limited. The retiree may require more assistance or care.

Throughout all these phases, the team at Alison Wealth Management will provide ongoing guidance, monitor your financial situation, and adjust the plan as circumstances change. By considering your goals, risk tolerance, and evolving needs, our advisors can help ensure a smooth transition through the different stages of retirement while optimizing your financial well-being and quality of life.

Strategic Tax Management

We understand that as a high-net-worth individual, one of your single largest expenses throughout your lifetime is your tax bill. Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ (CFP®’s), Chartered Public Accountants (CPAs), Enrolled Agents (EAs), and investment advisors will analyze your assets and income streams and educate you on personalized tax strategies to help keep more of what has taken you a lifetime to accumulate.

By leveraging our team’s expertise in taxation — including the fact that our founder and lead advisor, Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, created the Tax Management Journey®, we will ensure you have a proactive tax management strategy in place.

Why Choose Us

Alison Wealth Management was founded by nationally recognized financial advisor Dave Alison. In addition to Alison Wealth, Dave is the founding partner of C2P, where he serves at the lead trainer of The Bucket Plan® and its strategies to thousands of advisors around the United States. The team at Alison Wealth Management has come together to deliver this leading retirement planning approach to high-net-worth retirees throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Charleston, SC, and Marietta, GA areas.

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